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Trolleybus city: Lviv [Ukraine]

General Information

City: Lviv (717.798 citizens)
Country: Ukraine
Opened: 27.11.1952
Lines: 11
Vehicles: 99 Trolleybuses
Website: .
Remarks: neue Linie 24 (TM222/1998), nun Linien 1-3,5,7,9,10-13,24, fleet consists of 99 tb, of which 80 in working order: 53 (46working) Skoda 14Tr, 33 (21) LAZ-52522, 11 LAZ E183, 2 Bohdan T601.11. Route 1 does not work and could work only after the finish tram line on the Stusa street

News for Lviv

Date Headline
19.01.2009 New 11 metre Trolleybuses