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by Alexandra Scharzenberger

Sauber, leise, E-Bus / 5. Internationale E-Bus Konferenz am 31.Mai/1.Juni 2016 , Berlin

Für mehr Lebensqualität in unseren Städten Eine nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung und die Sicherung der Lebensqualität sind heute zwei wichtige strategische Visionen, um die Attraktivität des städtischen Lebens zu erhalten. Eine zunehmende Zahl von Städten und Gemeinden setzt auf elektrische Busse und erprobt verschiedene Varianten um dieses Ziel zu erreichen.Intelligente, moderne öffentliche Verkehrssysteme gewährleisten das fundamentale Recht auf Mobilität bei gleichzeitiger Minimierung der negativen Umwelteinflüsse, wie Schadstoffe, Lärm oder Verschwendung von städtischen Lebensräumen.  Weiterlesen[more]


trolley:motion is partner of the new European project “ELIPTIC"

- “Electrification of public transport in cities”, funded though the Horizon 2020 programme. The project starts on June 1st 2015 with the Kick-off Meeting in Brussels and researches the potential of further electrification of public transport in combination with existing transportation infrastructure and networks as well as based on new business models. The introduction of electric buses is a core aspect of ELIPTIC to further improve the environmental profile of public transport. In addition to electric buses, the project looks as well into improving energy performance in light rail and the multi-purpose use of infrastructure to support further electrification in transport. ELIPTIC demonstrates different technical approaches in 22 showcases – variations of electrified public transport under different operational, geographical and...[more]

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von Jürgen Lehmann 

Belgorod [RU] - End trolleybussystem before celebrating 50 years?

13.02.17 - Sorry, only German Text available at time! ... more

Zürich [CH] - Presentation SwissTrolley plus

23.01.17 - Sorry, only German Text available at time! ... more

San Francisco [US] - First single units withdrawn as new acquisitions are planned

23.01.17 - The formal replacement process for the single units originally acquired between 2000 and 2002 is now in the final planning stages. Using contract options to buy more trolleys from New Flyer seems like the most realistic scenario. ... more

Brno [CZ] - Acquisition of 10 new trolleys planned

23.01.17 - By taking over several more Skoda 21Tr (the local fleet now features 64 such trolleys), three older Skoda 14Tr (3245-47) became surplus to requirements and were cascaded to Chernivtsi in Ukraine. There they have been reclassified as 364-366. Therefore only 31 Skoda 14Tr now remain in Brno, not counting 3239, which is used as a de-icing vehicle. ... more

Zürich [CH] - Battery retrofit in full swing

02.01.17 - The prototype "SwissTrolley plus" was accepted by the Zürich public transport company VBZ at the Hess factory in Bellach on 19 December 2016. 2 days later it arrived in Zürich and was then scheduled to perform initial trial runs on the city network in the new year. For 17 January 2017 a press conference and formal vehicle launch has been announced. You may find out more about this vehicle and the entire battery refit process on the following website. The project is being part-funded by the Swiss government. ... more

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Trolleybus-Systems WorldWide

Here you can find the overview of all active and inactive trolleybus-systems world-wide.

Das "TROLLEY" - Video

The TROLLEY movie is another piece of the puzzle of the promotion activities of the "TROLLEY"-project to shape a new and more positive image of trolleybuses in Europe. The movie is based on interviews with local and regional stakeholders, which were performed in the TROLLEY partner cities Salzburg (Austria), Brno (Czech Republic), Eberswalde (Germany), Parma (Italy), Gdynia (Poland) and Szeged (Hungary). The movie highlights advantages of trolleybuses and raises hopes in what could be improved in the future to raise awareness of trolleybuses as smart, clean and green solution for urban public transportation. Watch it on YouTube.